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About me

i am a UI/UX designer.

Front – End Engineer, i con designer, logo & website designer. i have a passion for making the web beautiful and creating every design to pixel perfection.


I specialize in HTML5/CSS3 , JavaScript such as jQuery and all aspects of front- end Engineering and design.


Like a good looking website, now a days there had been a major demand for good looking promotional and branding materials. I can take care of your branding need like One-Pager, T-Shirt, Envelopes, Email Newsletter,  Business Cards, Print Brochures, Facebook Promotion and all those items that are essential to define your brand. I have good skill of designing these materials on Photoshop etc.

Web Development0%
User Interface0%
Photoshop & illustrator0%

App showcase

iphone X Musix player

User interface is first visual appearance of web page or application, so it has to be appealing. Each button, text,
pixels on the screen and arrows for directions and whole architecture of the page has to be very clear.



latest Design

User experience has to be much broader way than UI ,
UX comprise interface as well as system and user interactions,
the more UX is friendly it result in high ratio of user engagement.
For accomplishing business goal we take care of organizing strategies and execution of interface as per the client.
Our following procedure combinations craft your ideas in fine product.

Website Design

My prime focus remain on providing a website which is customer or business driven. A Website that can boost the usability of the website its own unique character.

Website Development

your website making it fully functional with the latest technology is mandatory aspect. I can help you with Front end development on responsive framework like Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS3 or and making it programmed on technologies like WordPress.

Mobile App UI

Designing user interfaces for applications for mobile and tablet devices like iPhone and Android is one of the most challenging task for every UI designer.


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